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Why Now Is The Best Time For Masonry Repairs

As a homeowner, the spring is probably overrun with many tasks around the house. From yardwork to spring cleaning, and everything in between, it seems never ending. But have you ever considered adding your chimney maintenance to the list? There are many benefits to this and we’ll walkthrough each of those in this article.

chimney maintenance experts, castlerock coSafe and mild weather

If you’ve ever seen our chimney professionals hard at work, you’d have noticed that a lot of times they’re on the roof. It’s dangerous work to begin with, but dangerous weather conditions can add to this. Also, having this repair work scheduled for the spring makes it less likely that it would be cancelled for weather-related reasons.

Recover from Winter season burning

Right after the winter season when you had several fires is the best time to make any repairs. If you’re in need of masonry repairs, you may as well schedule your annual cleaning and inspection, too. Not only does this take care of the season’s buildup and creosote, it can also find any additional structural issues if they’re present.

Be prepared early for next Winter

There’s nothing worse than having a chilly night and not being able to have a cozy fire. Schedule any repairs early to ensure you don’t find yourself in that situation. Scheduling early also provides ample time to take care of any additional issues they may find. While it’s unlikely, if you’re repairs require a full demo and rebuild, our professionals are going to need some extra time to complete this.

Common chimney masonry issues

Now that we’ve established why spring is the best time to fix your chimney, let’s look at some of the most common fixes.


This refers to flaking or chipping brick or stone and mortar. This issue can cause serious structural damage if neglected. Oftentimes, spalling is due to temperature and weather. As temperatures rise and fall, the masonry expands and contracts, so if temperature shifts are too extreme, damage can occur.

chimney crown repair professionals, colorado springs coChimney crown damage

The chimney crown is found on top of the chimney and plays a big part in protecting your chimney from water damage. If there are cracks, chips, or other damage, it must be repaired to avoid larger issues in the future.

Flue damage

The flue is another important component of a chimney and is found on the interior of your chimney. It’s responsible for making sure smoke and pollutants exit your chimney efficiently. If the flue liner is damaged, there may be a higher risk for chimney fires as more creosote can build up in the cracks. Creosote is extremely flammable and must be controlled and cleaned regularly.

FlameMaster can fix your damaged masonry

Call our experienced chimney technicians at FlameMaster to make any masonry repairs you’re in need of. We also offer chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, flashing repair, chimney crown repair, fireplace installation, and much more. Whatever issue you’re encountering, our professionals can determine a solution and fix it promptly.

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