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Chimney Rebuilding

Has your masonry chimney lost a few bricks? Is it visibly starting to crumble? Is a large crack running the length of your chimney? If you have an older home, it’s possible that you or the previous owner didn’t have your chimney inspected regularly, and the warning signs that could have prevented your chimney from crumbling were missed. Fortunately, chimney rebuilding is possible.

expert chimney rebuilding, colorado springs coChimney rebuilding should only be done by qualified chimney sweeps who have the training and experience to rebuild a chimney. Our chimney sweeps are Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) certified and can be trusted to rebuild your chimney the right way. Beware people who knock on your door claiming to be chimney sweeps that tell you your whole chimney needs to be replaced; they are likely trying to con you. In many cases, your chimney may only need partial rebuilding. If the chimney is only damaged from the roof up, it can be repaired by a process known as tuckpointing. If the chimney does need to be replaced, you can count on us to advise the best course of action.

What Causes Chimney Damage?

Like your house itself, your chimney is exposed to a variety of weather conditions year-round that can damage it. A few examples of things that can damage your chimney are:

  • Your masonry absorbs water and goes through freeze-thaw cycles.
  • The ground is shifting under your house.
  • Earthquakes
  • Hail
  • Tornadoes
  • Lightning
  • Time

Does My Chimney Need to be Fully Rebuilt?

The first step in determining if your chimney needs to be entirely rebuilt is to have it inspected. Our inspectors will be able to quickly determine if a complete rebuild is required. If your chimney can be saved, there are a few methods to repair it.

Brick Replacement

If your chimney has a few broken bricks, we can quickly and safely replace the damaged bricks. We will also seal the whole chimney to guard against water being absorbed by both brick and mortar.

chimney tuckpointing repair, cripple creek COTuckpointing

Tuckpointing is the process where old damaged mortar, or missing mortar, is replaced with a new mortar compound that is superior to the original. We carefully scrape out the old mortar and replace it with the new mortar. When we are done, your chimney be more durable, but it will also look better.

When is Full Chimney Rebuild Required?

FlameMaster will try and save your chimney in most cases, but there will be some chimneys too damaged for repair. If the structure of your chimney has widespread damage, then a full replacement will be required. We will only advise a full chimney replacement if no other option is available. Other unscrupulous chimney sweeps will take advantage of you, if they can, by telling you that your chimney has to be replaced with little to no inspection. Be sure to use FlameMaster; we are a chimney sweep that you can trust.

Let FlameMaster Repair or Rebuild Your Chimney

If your chimney has broken or missing bricks and it’s been some time since your chimney was inspected, it’s time to contact FlameMaster. We offer chimney inspection, repair, and rebuild services in Woodland Park CO, Colorado Springs CO, Monument CO, Fort Carson CO, Penrose CO, and Florence CO; call right away at (719) 661-3277. One of our chimney experts will be happy to discuss the inspection of your chimney and what to do if it requires repair or rebuilding.