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Gas Heating Stoves and Freestanding Gas Stoves

Are you getting tired of the drudgery of dealing with your masonry fireplace? Are you sick of the mess it makes and the constant issues that arise? Perhaps you’re not happy with the way it looks. If any or all of these scenarios sound familiar to you, there is a solution to your problem- gas heating stoves and freestanding gas stoves.

gas heating stove, larkspur coEfficient Heating

You’ve probably noticed your masonry fireplace doesn’t heat your house as much as you want; that’s not unusual. It’s a well-known fact that masonry fireplaces don’t produce very much heat; most of it goes up your chimney. A gas heating stove will give you more heat than a traditional fireplace; it can crank out up to seventy thousand BTUs and heat rooms of upwards of two thousand square feet. Freestanding gas stoves have similar output and efficiency.

Are you seeking an affordable and efficient way to heat your home? Gas heating stoves let you zone-heat your home. What does that mean? They will let you heat the most used rooms in your house without wasting money heating empty rooms. You can use the multi-function remote control to adjust the fan temperature and fan speeds. You also have the option to install a wall-mounted thermostat so you can manually change the room temperature.

Convivence Of Gas

With a gas heating appliance, you get ease of use and low maintenance. Why? Because there is no chopping and storing of wood involved, no ashes to clean up, and no creosote buildups in the chimney that must be removed and disposed of.

Gas heating stoves and freestanding gas stoves can also be started with the flick of a switch or the click of a button on a remote control.

What happens if the power goes out? No problem, gas heating stoves have battery backups to keep the pilot light lit in case of a blackout.

cast iron gas stove, canon city coAppearance

If you are remodeling a house or looking for a fashionable addition to a room, you can’t go wrong with a gas heating stove. Both come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials from brands such as Regency and U.S. Stove. We can help you find the gas heating stove or freestanding gas stove that will have the look you’ve been searching for.

Gas heating stoves also give you a realistic reproduction of a wood-burning fire. They have resin logs with tiny vent holes along the logs to make it look like an authentic wood fire while using clean natural gas or liquid propane gas (LPG) to produce the look and feel of a wood-burning fire.


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