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When you think of a wood or coal-burning stove, you may think of old cast iron stoves squatting in a home's kitchen during the Victorian era; nothing could be further from today's modern stoves. You can choose from a wide range of stove types, materials, and appearances. You can replace an old masonry fireplace or add a stove to any room in the house. To better understand, let's look at the types of stoves.

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Wood Burning Stoves

Many people are looking for a classic feel when they have a stove installed, and none delivers on that ambiance better than a wood-burning stove. Available in many sizes and BTU outputs, you can find the ideal wood-burning stove to fit your budget and household. Unlike their predecessors of the past, modern wood-burning stoves are both efficient and environmentally friendly, but you still get the same pleasing cracks and pops from the burning wood inside them.

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Gas Burning Stoves

If you seek efficiency and convivence, it's hard to beat a gas-burning stove. Gas burning stoves require little maintenance and come with an astonishing number of features. You can control flame height, fan speed, heat output, and accent lighting with just a  click of a button on your remote. There are a large array of styles, such as pastoral and modern tones in steel, stone, or the traditional cast iron. Gas burning stoves are available in many different sizes and venting options that give you the ability to place them in any room in your house.

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Pellet-Burning Stoves

If you want an effective but green heating source, then a pellet-burning stove is the right choice. Pellet burning stoves are fueled by a clean-burning, renewable, cost-saving source. Pellet stoves are similar to gas and wood-burning stoves. Why? Because all can heat either just a room to an entire house, what sets pellet stoves apart are that they are highly environmentally friendly. Pellets used by pellet stoves are made from recycled materials such as condensed wood scraps and sawdust, and they burn hot and clean due to most of the moisture being removed from the wood during the manufacturing process.

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Certified and Safe Installation

At FlameMasters, our crews are made up of certified technicians who will ensure that your new stove is installed correctly and quickly. We have the experience and acumen to set your stove up in the room you desire with little disruption to your daily routine. We will ensure that your stove is set up with all fire and building codes so you can count on your stove working safely.

We Can Install a Stove in Any Room

Visit our cozy showroom at 11164 US 24 in Woodland Park; our professional stove experts will discuss installing a stove in your house. We can set an appointment for you and come to your home and measure, inspect, and help you decide which stove is the best fit. We offer Stove installation in Woodland Park CO, Colorado Springs CO, Westcreek CO, Florissant CO, Deckers CO, and Larkspur CO. Call us now at (719) 661-3277 or fill out our simple online contact form.