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Chimney Caps and Covers

Your chimney most likely has a cover on top of it; it’s there to protect the inside of your chimney. There are a variety of chimney caps and covers designed to safeguard the inside of your chimney. Among the various chimney caps and covers are:

  • Full-width chimney caps
  • Flue cover caps
  • Chimney Chase Covers

Let’s look at each of these chimney coverings to see how they work.

full-width chimney cap, hartsell coFull-Width Chimney Caps

You’ve probably seen a full-width chimney cap before without knowing what it was. These covers sit on top of the chimney and cover its crown and flue. Its purpose is to allow the exhaust gases to exit the flue and prevent precipitation such as rain or snow from entering inside the flue. Water can do extensive damage to the inside of your chimney and could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Installing a full-width chimney cap will save you money in the long run.

A full-width chimney cap also keeps debris like leaves or pine needles and wildlife from getting inside of your chimney. In any case, a full-width chimney cap will protect your chimney liner from damage.

Full-width chimney caps also have breathable sides to allow smoke and toxic gasses to exit your chimney while your fireplace is in use. What you may not know is that a full-width chimney cap also keeps hot embers from floating out of your chimney and onto your roof, starting a fire.

Chimney Chase Covers

If you have a prefabricated chimney, then you have a chase cover. Its purpose is to seal the entire top of your chimney from rain, debris, and wildlife—the issue with older chase covers made from galvanized steel, which can rust over time. FlameMaster uses stainless steel chase covers to replace older rusted ones. They do this because stainless steel is rust-resistant, so a chase cover made from it will have a longer life than typical chase covers.

chimney flue cover, manitou springs coFlue Covers and Flue Caps

Unlike full-width chimney caps, flue covers and flue caps are designed only to cover the flue. They resemble hats; you may have seen that some are funnel-shaped, some look like mini pyramids, and some are flat. Flue covers and flue caps will give you the same amount of protection a full-width chimney cover will, with the exception of the chimney crown.

FlameMaster Knows Chimney Caps and Covers

At FlameMaster, we know what chimney caps and coverings your chimney needs. We will inspect your chimney to see if it needs a new cap or cover. You can depend on our chimney sweeps to get the job done right; they are Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) certified and experienced. We offer chimney inspection and repair services in Woodland Park CO, Colorado Springs CO, Divide CO, Manitou Springs CO, Cripple Creek CO, and Victor CO; call us now at (719) 661-3277. A member of our knowledgeable and friendly staff will discuss setting an appointment where we can come out and inspect your chimney. Don’t let your current chimney cap or cover succumb to rust; get in touch today.