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Chimney Inspection Types One, Two and Three

There are many good reasons for a chimney inspection by a qualified chimney sweep. If you suspect there may be something wrong with your chimney, or you may see signs of water damage around it, in either case, an inspection is required. Another reason to have your chimney inspected is if you are preparing to put your house up for sale, having proof of an inspection will help during closing. The most important reason to have your chimney inspected is for your family’s safety; there may be unseen issues that can cause a fire or trap carbon monoxide in your home. There are several chimney inspection types- one, two, and three.

chimney video inspection, lake george coChimney Inspection Level One

A Level 1 Chimney inspection is simply a visual look at readily accessible areas. This level of inspection won’t reveal everything about your chimney system.

FlameMaster performs a Level 2 inspection as a part of all of our service calls.

Chimney Inspection Level Two

FlameMaster includes a level two chimney inspection with all chimney cleanings. It may also be done when you are preparing to sell your home or if there are changes to your fireplace, such as going from wood burning to gas burning. A level two inspection is also done when there a change is made to the system, such as changing the chimney liner or adding an appliance like a hot water heater or furnace.

This type of inspection includes a visual inspection by a certified inspector with a specialized video camera from the top of the chimney to the bottom, inside the firebox, down the chimney, and everything involved with a level one inspection. All internal components will be examined, such as joints and flue liners. As with a level one inspection, if we find any issues with your chimney, we will make you aware of them and provide you with multiple action plans.

level three chimney inspections, lake george coChimney inspection Level Three

Level three chimney inspections are the most involved, but they are only needed when there is substantial damage to your chimney, like a punctured flue liner or crumbling masonry. A level three inspection includes everything performed in level one and two inspections, but requires the extraction of components for easier access to things such as the flue pipes, heating system, interior walls, chimney crowns, or masonry. This may damage drywall, flooring, siding or other structural elements.




F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector

The F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector Program is the first and only inspection certification within the hearth industry. This certification was developed over ten years ago and has proven to be the gold standard of this industry. This professional education provides detailed instruction on the inspection and investigation of fireplaces, chimneys, vented appliances, and vent free products. This professional program includes but is not limited to the applicable building codes, manufacturer’s specifications, product identification, listing requirements, case study, historical performance, product design and application, inspection methodology, report writing, and fire technology. This Program also includes hands-on training in actual inspection techniques, photography and basic investigation techniques. Students are required to demonstrate these skills in a lab setting by recognizing multiple defects and reporting them.


There is no other course as clear, precise and easy to digest as the F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector Program.

FlameMaster is the Chimney Inspection Expert

If you suspect that your chimney has any issues or if you need a real estate chimney inspection, let FlameMaster inspect your chimney. We are Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) certified and members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and will meticulously examine your chimney. Don’t wait for your chimney to have issues before having it checked; we offer chimney inspection services in Woodland Park CO, Colorado Springs CO, Westcreek CO, Florissant CO, Deckers CO, and Larkspur CO; call us at (719) 661-3277 to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff about a time and date when we can inspect your chimney.