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Chimney Chase Cover

If your home has a prefabricated chimney, then it has a chase, which is a long and narrow space that attaches to the fireplace and runs to the top of the chimney. Inside the chase is the flue that vents smoke and toxic gases produced in your fireplace. The exterior of the chase is usually a wood frame, but it could also be brick or metal. On top of the frame is a metal lid that covers the entire top of your chase, where the flue comes out. That lid is known as a chimney chase cover.

chimney chase cover installation, florence co

Their purpose is to keep water from getting inside the chimney. The chimney chase cover that was put on the chase when your house was constructed has a shelf life of about seven to ten years; after that, the chimney chase cap will have rusted through, allowing water to get inside your chimney.

Most builders used rust-prone galvanized steel put together in several pieces to make a chimney chase cover. The poor construction of the chase covers and rust-friendly materials let water inside the chimney, and the water leaking inside the chase could destroy the wood inside of it. Once moisture has infiltrated your chase, it can migrate down the chimney to the prefab fireplace box and cause the outer wall to rust, creating a safety hazard, usually indicating your chimney chase cover needs a replacement.

How Do You Know Your Chimney Chase Cover Needs Replacement?

A damaged chimney chase cover can sometimes be easy to detect because rust from the cover will run down the chimney’s sides when it rains, causing rust streaks on the side of the chase and roof. Even with rust stains on the chase and roof, your chimney should be inspected by a qualified chimney sweep to see if any additional problems exist. FlameMaster’s chimney sweeps are Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) certified and will perform a thorough inspection of your chimney.

chimney chase cover replacement, nathrop coChimney Chase Cover Replacement

When replacing a chase cover it is extremely important that it be built exactly to the specifications that fit your fireplace. An improperly designed or installed chase cover can trap heat inside the chimney and cause a fire!

Once it has been verified that your chimney chase cover needs replacement, the old chimney chase cover will be removed and a new one installed. We will remove the old inferior chimney chase cover and replace it with the proper custom chase cover. You can count on our workmanship to extend the life of your chimney and keep your home and family safer.


Let FlameMaster Install Your New Chimney Chase Cover

A rusted-through chimney chase cover could lead to the destruction of your chimney. Don’t wait to have your chimney inspected until it’s too late. We can inspect your chimney and install a new chimney chase cover that will be durable and last for decades. We offer chimney inspection and repair services in Woodland Park CO, Colorado Springs CO, Monument CO, Fort Carson CO, Penrose CO, and Florence CO; call us now at (719) 661-3277. One of our chimney experts will be happy to discuss your chimney chase cover with you. Don’t let water find its way through your old chase cover, get in touch with us today.