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New Liner Installation

How old are your home and its chimney? Do you know the last time that your chimney was inspected? Has it been months, years, or decades since you had a qualified chimney sweep look at your chimney? Even if your chimney’s exterior seems to be in good shape, there could be issues with its interior. One of the most significant issues that your chimney can have is the condition of its liner. Most people don’t even know that their chimney has a liner, let alone its condition. If your liner is damaged, we can help you with a new chimney liner installation.

new chimney liner installation, Penrose COOur Installation Service

We will inspect your existing chimney liner to ensure it is up to code and is operating safely and efficiently. If we find any issues with your chimney liner that could compromise your safety, we will recommend either a stainless steel liner or a chimney liner coating system to deal with the problem.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when the chimney sweep industry has a few companies with little to no training and are seeking to take advantage of homeowners. They prey on a consumer’s lack of knowledge and concerns to con them into having unneeded repairs done. If you have received an estimate from someone who came to your door unsolicited, we are happy to give you our professional assessment of the situation. We use specialized cameras to look inside your chimney that will reveal the exact condition and if all those repairs you were quoted are needed.

What is a Chimney Liner?

A chimney liner acts as a non-combustible covering that protects the interior of your chimney. It lets toxic gas and smoke pass through it while protecting your home. It also protects your chimney from getting too hot and causing your attic to ignite. If your chimney liner develops any breaches, a fire could occur in your chimney or house, and toxic fumes could invade your home. Imagine hot embers escaping into your attic and landing on insulation. It is a nightmare scenario, but it could occur if your home has a defective chimney liner. A bad chimney liner can also cause your chimney to deteriorate due to exposure to extreme heat.

In some cases, older chimneys may be unlined or will have clay tiles inside them or other materials that have been broken down by heat; in those cases, a stainless steel chimney liner is recommended. Our FireGuard coating system will not work on such an uneven surface with major breeches and gaps. A stainless steel chimney liner is then the most effective chimney liner, and it provides excellent insulation from heat and will usher toxic gases up your chimney.

chimney liner inspection, fort carson coAnnual Chimney Inspections

Even with stainless steel or other effective chimney linings, your chimney needs to be inspected annually. Organic materials like leaves, pine needles, pine cones, branches, and even dirt can cause a clog in your chimney. If you don’t have your chimney inspected, these objects could cause an obstruction that traps smoke inside your home and all the toxic fumes that go along with it. A blockage in your flue can also catch on fire from having combustible objects lodged inside. An annual inspection can detect these things and any wildlife that may have decided to take up residence in your chimney.

FlameMaster Can Install Your New Chimney Liner

A compromised chimney liner is an accident waiting to happen. Avoid a chimney fire or being poisoned by toxic fumes; call us now. We offer chimney inspection and chimney liner repair services in Woodland Park CO, Colorado Springs CO, Canon City CO, Westcliffe CO, Cotapaxi CO, Howard CO; call us now at (719) 661-3277. We will be happy to discuss having your chimney inspected and what a chimney liner installation would entail.