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New Prefab Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Is your traditional wood-burning masonry fireplace becoming too much of a headache? Are you constantly having to sweep or vacuum ashes in front of it? Are you tired of not getting the heat you want from your fireplace? When you use your masonry fireplace on a frigid winter night, does it seem colder? If you said yes to any of these, it’s time to consider installing a new wood-burning fireplace. What is a prefab wood-burning fireplace? Let’s take a look.

pre-fab wood burning fireplace, hartsel coPrefab Wood-Burning Fireplaces Explained

A prefabricated or a prefab fireplace is a metal fireplace put together in a factory. Prefab fireplaces, including wood-burning fireplaces, are put through extensive quality testing before being shipped from the plant to their ultimate location. Next, let’s look at why prefab wood-burning fireplaces are popular.


Among the chief reasons for prefab wood-burning fireplaces is their efficiency. Old masonry fireplaces just don’t hold the heat in like prefab fireplaces do. When you have a prefab wood-burning fireplace installed, you ensure better heating of your home. Prefab wood-burning fireplaces are what are known as “high heat” producers. High heat doesn’t mean your fireplace is burning logs at an increased temperature; it means more of the heat is reflected into your home. A prefab wood-burning fireplace has an efficiency rating of 70% to 80% as opposed to masonry wood-burning fireplaces that have a rating of -10%. That fact means masonry fireplaces give you almost no heat. The bulk of the hot air produced by a masonry fireplace is lost up its chimney.

Lighter weight and less costly materials – such as faux stone and brick, don’t have the expensive materials of a traditional masonry fireplace. It’s hard to tell the difference between artificial brick and stone, and the real thing and the costs are more affordable while not sacrificing appearance.

energy efficient prefabricated wood burning fireplace, westcreek coDurability

Because a prefab wood-burning fireplace is made with the latest materials and technology, it will have a longer lifespan than old masonry fireplaces made from brick which dry out over time and become moisture absorbent, leading to cracks and broken bricks. With a prefab wood-burning fireplace, you know that your new fireplace will have the durability to last for years to come.


Prefab wood-burning fireplaces come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and styles. You can match the fireplace to the style of your home in a way that older fireplaces wouldn’t allow. Prefab wood-burning fireplaces are ideal if you are remodeling your home,  they could be that perfect finishing touch you have been seeking.

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