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Rusty Chimney

A rusty chimney is a problem not only because it is unsightly but because it can lead to chimney damage. Ugly rust-colored streaks streaming down the side of its chase onto the roof are such an eyesore that they can lower the resale value of your home. You may think painting over the rust stains will prevent the issue, but you’ll be surprised when you see rust stains over the fresh coat of paint in a few weeks.

rusty chimney chase cover, florissant COA rusty chimney can cause problems with aesthetics, but it can also cause issues inside if your chimney is not dealt with right away. So, what causes a rusty chimney? Let’s investigate further.

Chase Covers

Prefabricated chimneys are topped with chase covers made from metal. In older homes, chase covers may not be made from stainless steel and will become rusted. If your chase cover is flat or has dents where water can pond, it will rust even faster. When it rains, the loose rust flows down with the rainwater and leaves ugly rust stains on the side of the chase and sometimes the roof as well. You may think that rust on the chimney’s chase is a sign that rusting has just started; you would be wrong. A chase cover faces upwards, so it can rust for years, and no one will notice if you don’t have regular chimney inspections. By the time you see rust on a chimney’s chase, the rust on the chase cover has become advanced.

There is a second, more significant issue with chase covers rusting; eventually, the corrosion becomes so acute it eats through the chase cover. Once a chase cover is compromised, water can find its way into your chimney and cause cracks to develop in its crown and cause mold to grow between the liner and the chimney wall. Water can also find its way under roof shingles, causing them to rot and mold to grow in your attic.

Rotted or perforated areas inside your chimney could allow smoke and toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide into your home. These combustion gases are potentially deadly. In order to protect your family from poisonous gases, a rusty chimney needs to be addressed quickly.

Chimney chase cover replacement, larkspur coHow is a Rusty Chimney Fixed?

The solution to a rusty chimney is simple, eliminate the source of the rust. How?

The rusting chase cover will have to be removed and replaced with a new one. You don’t want another chase cover to rust and have the problem repeat itself in a few years, so replacing a rusted chase top or cap can help. A qualified chimney sweep should perform an inspection before replacing the chase cover to determine if any other problems need to be dealt with before installation. As stated earlier, if your chase cover has rusted through, you may have a host of issues that need to be fixed. A certified chimney sweep will be able to identify and repair those problems.

Trust FlameMaster to Fix Your Rusty Chimney

Our chimney sweeps are Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) certified, so they have the training and experience to inspect and repair your rusty chimney and any secondary problems it may have caused. Don’t risk your family’s health with toxic smoke or mold; call us right away. Our chimney sweeps will promptly arrive at your home and fix your rusty chimney. We provide chimney inspection and repair services in Woodland Park CO, Colorado Springs CO, Westcreek CO, Florissant CO, Deckers CO, and Larkspur CO; if you have rust running down the sides of your chase, call us now at (719) 661-3277 one of our chimney experts will be happy to set an appointment when we can inspect your chimney and find the source of the rust.