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New Prefab Gas Fireplaces

Are you tired of the subpar performance of your prefab or builder-grade fireplace? Are you looking for a clean, modern design in a fireplace that is both functional and aesthetic? Then a new prefab gas fireplace is the way to go.

prefab gas fireplace, fort carson coWhat is a Prefab Fireplace?

A prefabricated or a prefab fireplace is fabricated and put together in an assembly plant before being transported and installed with new construction or home remodeling project. Most prefab fireplaces work with manufactured gas-burning logs. These logs look just like natural logs, but they are ceramic and fitted with gas lines. These logs also are perforated with minute gas vents that mimic flames that run the length of the log. Vented fireplaces use a different variety of logs than vent-less versions use.

Older prefab fireplaces were made with cheaper materials to fit a budget, meaning they were often made with cheaper, less dependable materials than today’s versions

New Prefab Gas Fireplaces Mean More Efficient Heating

Today, prefab gas fireplaces come equipped with state-of-the-art burning systems that let the propane or natural gas combust fully, delivering better heat and additional value. An assortment of dimensions and BTU outputs are available to guarantee that you have the heating power your home needs on those bone-chilly winter nights.

Prefab gas fireplaces have exceptionally high heat-efficiency ratings, showing that almost all heat generated can be used in your house. Old masonry and prefab fireplaces lost most of the heat they generated up the chimney. To compare the two, prefabricated gas fireplaces use upwards of 80% of the energy they produce, while masonry fireplaces save -10% of the energy they produce. Clearly, you can see why a prefab fireplace is a smart choice when it comes to your bank account.

New Prefab Gas Fireplaces are Easy to Use

The latest technology incorporated into prefab gas fireplaces makes it simple to start and stop a fire with the flick of a switch or the click of a remote. With the prefab gas fireplace’s thermostat control, you can set the heat to the temperature you want. It is also much, much cleaner than traditional wood-burning fireplaces, where you have to clean up ashes and remove old burned-out logs. It is also safer because there is no chance of a creosote buildup in your chimney, as occurs with masonry fireplaces, so there is no threat of a chimney fire starting and spreading to the rest of your house.

stylish prefabricated gas fireplace, manitou springs coNew Prefab Gas Fireplaces Look Better

With a variety of models, styles, and colors from Regency, you can remake any room in your house with a handsome new prefabricated gas fireplace.

Let FlameMasters Install a New Prefab Gas Fireplace in Your Home

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