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Chimney Brick Repair, Mortar Repair and Loose Bricks

Your masonry chimney is the sum of its parts, and if any of those parts start to go bad, the whole chimney could be in jeopardy. The longer things like broken or loose bricks, cracks, or crumbling mortar, the more likely your chimney will partially or completely collapse. If your chimney is starting to come apart, there is no need to panic if you are in need of brick repair; mortar repair and loose bricks are beginning to occur. FlameMaster offers chimney repair services such as tuckpointing, brick repair or replacement, and chimney inspections. Here is what we can do for a damaged masonry chimney.

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FlameMaster’s chimney sweeps are certified by the Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA) and have the experience to fix what is wrong with your chimney. First, we will thoroughly examine your chimney and then plan a course of action to repair, rebuild or replace your chimney.

What Causes Chimney Problems?

Many things can impact the life of your chimney, but the most significant source of damage to a chimney is water. Bricks and mortar are full of capillaries, just like a sponge, and in the same way, they can absorb water. If your chimney’s bricks and mortar are saturated when the first freezes come, the water inside of them will expand and contract, which works to break down bricks and mortar.

Some other things that can break down your chimney are:

  • Sun exposure
  • Hail
  • Shifting ground under the house
  • Earthquakes
  • Algae
  • Poor construction
  • Time

These are the likely cause of your chimney having broken or loose bricks and missing mortar.

What Are the Signs My Chimney Needs Repair?

In order to determine what repairs your chimney needs, a chimney sweep needs to inspect it, but there are some telltale signs your chimney needs repair. The easiest sign to spot that your chimney needs repair is that it has spalling, which means that bricks are falling apart or coming loose. Broken bricks, bits of bricks, or bricks lying on the ground are all signs that your chimney needs to be repaired. Another sign is if you see bits of the terra cotta liner in your fireplace.

How Do We Approach Chimney Damage?

After we have inspected your fireplace and determined what is causing the damage to your chimney’s bricks or mortar, we have several ways of repairing them.


In the mortar joints, where the mortar has become thin or worn away, we use a technique called tuckpointing to fix them. We remove the old, worn away, or missing mortar and replace it with a new, stronger mortar that will last decades.

Brick Replacement

A loose brick in your chimney can easily lead to damage throughout your chimney. We will replace loose, broken, or missing bricks with new superior bricks that will extend your chimney’s life.

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Chimney Rebuilding

If your chimney is falling apart from top to bottom, there is a good chance that it will need to be rebuilt. Sometimes it is only part of a chimney that needs rebuilding. Regardless of a full or partial chimney rebuild, we will use high-quality material that will withstand the rigors that damage chimneys.


Water getting into a single brick can start a chain reaction throughout your chimney; waterproofing can stop the cycle of damage. We can waterproof your chimney using a water-based repellant called ChimneySaver, which has a stellar reputation for keeping water out of bricks and mortar.

FlameMaster Can Repair Broken or Loose Bricks and Mortar

If you see bricks on the ground around your fireplace or broken bricks, your chimney needs inspection and repair. We offer chimney inspection, brick repair or replacement, and tuckpointing services in Woodland Park CO, Colorado Springs CO, Canon City CO, Westcliffe CO, Cotapaxi CO, or Howard CO; call us today at (719) 661-3277. We will be happy to let you know about all of our chimney repair services and what we can do for you.