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Chimney Waterproofing

If you’ve ever seen a dry riverbed, you have seen the cracks and hard-baked sand. The effects of the sun bake it as if it were in a kiln, and the sun has the same baking action on the bricks in your Chimney. Over time the bricks dry out and become porous, like a dry sponge, and will absorb any moisture that it comes in contact with, such as rain, dew, fog, and snow.

chimney damage from water intrusion, guffey coWater, the Universal Solvent

You may have heard water called “The Universal Solvent” in relation to carving out the Grand Canyon, but it will carve up your Chimney in much less time. Water is called the universal solvent because it dissolves more things than any other liquid, including bricks and mortar in your Chimney. Water is the number one cause of chimney damage, and bricks and mortar continue to soak up water, the more it degrades your Chimney. You may not think of a gentle rainstorm as destructive, but when you think of other gentle rainstorms and their effects, you can see it is part of a larger cycle. Water absorbed by your Chimney’s bricks and mortar will go through a freeze-thaw cycle in the winter where the water expands and contracts, which accelerates your bricks and mortar being broken down. So, how then can anyone prevent a leaky chimney? Let’s find out.

Waterproofing With ChimneySaver

What is the solution to all the potential water damage your Chimney can sustain? Chimney Waterproofing with ChimneySaver is the answer. By sealing your Chimney, you deal with water damage before it occurs. Water never has a chance to dissolve your Chimney’s mortar with chimney waterproofing. ChimneySaver is formulated to be applied directly over a chimney’s bricks and mortar, creating a water-tight seal that keeps water out while still allowing your chimney to breathe. ChimneySaver’s vapor-permeable membrane lets moisture out so that your chimney won’t become waterlogged and, at the same time, prevents water from getting in.

  • ChimneySaver protects your Chimney from the highly destructive yearly freeze-thaw cycle.
  • It is so effective it comes with a ten-year warranty, and it’s guaranteed to keep water out.
  • ChimneySaver lets you go green with its Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) compliance; it meets or exceeds regulations in all fifty states.
  • It is vapor permeable so that it won’t seal in water.
  • It has a natural look; it does not look like a plastic coating that makes your Chimney’s bricks look artificial.
  • It keeps salts from being drawn out of your bricks by water in a process called efflorescence that leaves your Chimney coated with a powdery salt, much like a soft pretzel.

chimney waterproofing prevents chimney leaks in woodland park co

Waterproofing Controls Costs

If you choose to waterproof your Chimney with ChimneySaver, you are controlling costs that will save you in the long run—coating your Chimney once a decade is much cheaper than having to have it rebuilt every decade. Chimney repair can be costly when it comes to replacing broken bricks and tuckpointing.

Let FlameMaster Waterproof Your Chimney with ChimneySaver

As we stated earlier, water can do more damage than any other liquid in the world to a fireplace. If you want to preserve your Chimney for years to come, let FlameMaster’s certified Chimney sweeps coat your Chimney with ChimneySaver. We will waterproof it after an inspection to ensure there aren’t more pressing issues with your Chimney. We offer chimney services and fireplace installs in Woodland Park CO, Colorado Springs CO, Lake George CO, Buena Vista CO, Salida CO, and Hartsel CO; call us today at (719) 661-3277. One of our chimney experts will be happy to discuss waterproofing your Chimney with ChimneySaver water-proofer.