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Does A New Furnace Require A New Chimney Liner?

This is a question homeowners often ask when they’re adding a new furnace that will be vented through an existing chimney. The simple answer is yes, in most cases. FlameMaster Chimney Sweep works throughout the greater Colorado Springs, CO, area to help our customers ensure that venting is safe and efficient when adding a new furnace. Here are some things you’ll want to know.

Professional Furnace Venting Installation in Salida, ColoradoChimney venting 101

A chimney flue must be sized right to allow the fireplace or other appliance attached to it to vent properly. The measurements of the flue are critical. If the flue is too large or too small, drafting will not be efficient, and all kinds of problems will likely result.

Replacing your furnace

It’s common for chimneys to be sized to vent a furnace, a hot water heater and the fireplace. This works well for most older furnaces. However, newer, high-efficiency furnaces create a different scenario. In fact, most of them are vented through a wall to the outside rather than through a chimney. In order to safely vent a high-efficiency furnace through an existing chimney, a new liner should be added to reduce the flue size by half or thereabouts.

Common venting problems

Many venting problems in the scenario we’re discussing happen because an unqualified worker performed the hook-up. Everything involved in venting a gas or wood appliance, whether it be a fireplace, a stove, a hot water heater or a furnace, should be done by a professional technician who is trained specifically in venting and safety.

When a newer furnace is connected to an existing chimney and a proper draft isn’t achieved, two serious problems can occur:

1. Carbon monoxide can begin to build up

One of the key areas that chimney and venting professionals pay attention to is carbon monoxide release. Inefficient combustion and drafting can lead to this gas moving into your home. Although it can’t be seen or smelled, carbon monoxide is known to cause potentially severe health problems for people and pets.

2. Excess moisture and acids can form inside the flue

Gas furnaces produce a lot of condensation when not properly vented. Excess moisture in the flue can lead to rusting and deterioration of the chimney liner and interior chimney masonry. These furnaces also produce acids, which also can damage masonry.

Let professionals do the furnace changeout and connection

No matter how “simple” a furnace changeout may seem, take our word for it: these projects are never that simple. If you live in the Colorado Springs area, FlameMaster has skilled technicians who know exactly what will be required to allow your new furnace to vent safely and efficiently through your chimney.

Fireplace, Stove, and Furnace Venting Inspections in Lake George, Colorado

If you live outside our area, secure the services of a reputable chimney or furnace company that regularly performs furnace-to-chimney connections. Do not trust this job to a “handyman” type or one of your friends who just so happens to be good with tools.

Get the job done right

FlameMaster provides complete appliance and venting services, including installation, cleaning, repair and inspections. Call us first, and get the job done right. Speak with a venting expert today at (719) 661-3277. You can also get in touch through our simple contact form. We serve Crystola, CO, Woodland Park, CO, Divide, CO, Manitou Springs, CO, Cripple Creek, CO, Victor, CO, and other local communities.