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Choosing Your Perfect Fireplace

If you are choosing a fireplace for your home, it’s not always a simple thing. You know what you want but selecting a fireplace that’s right for you involves a number of factors. It really boils down to what you desire from a fireplace. Is the fireplace going to be for heating your home, or is it for ambiance when you curl up in front of it? Do you want a highly decorated mantle or an austere one with clean lines? Do not worry. Here is Choosing the Perfect Fireplace: A Guide to Your Ideal Hearth.

wood burning fireplaces in salida coWood Burning Hearths

Wood-burning hearths have been popular since the bronze age for multiple reasons. They were a source of heat and a place to cook food, vital to a family’s survival. As the years passed, the ambiance of crackling wood and hardwood smells kept the wood-burning fireplace in use long after its use as a tool for survival. So, you can see why they are still in use today. However, there is a drawback to a wood-burning fireplace; it creates soot that will have to be cleaned regularly. You must use a qualified and reputable chimney sweep service to keep your chimney serviced. If the chimney is overlooked, an intensely flammable substance known as creosote will build up inside your chimney, leaving not only your chimney but also your attic and roof at risk of fire. You also want to keep your fireplace clean to prevent ashes and soot from getting into your home. Be sure to have a carbon monoxide and smoke detector near your fireplace for safety.

Gas Burning Hearths

If you want ease of use, then a gas fireplace is what you are looking for. Activating your gas-burning fireplace only takes the push of a button. What could be simpler? With gas-burning fireplaces, you don’t need to be concerned with creosote buildups in your chimney. Gas-burning fireplaces are efficient and clean but don’t give you the rustic feel of a wood-burning fireplace. A gas-burning fireplace is ideal if you are looking for something to keep you warm in winter.

Electric Fireplaces

If you want the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace with the efficiency of a gas-burning fireplace, an electric fireplace is your best bet. Electric fireplaces are easy on, mimic the crackling sounds of fire, and deliver a convincingly true-to-life simulation of a wood-burning fireplace. 

What Style Hearth is Ideal for Your Home?

If you choose a fireplace for your home, you should pick one that naturally blends in with the surroundings. Here are a few ideas-


Natural logs ablaze within a classic brick-lined hearth epitomize a timeless charm, complementing a wide array of interior designs. Traditional fireplaces seamlessly integrate with classic styles and improve the atmosphere of any space. Traditional fireplaces offer versatility while maintaining their classic appeal and are Available in several forms, like electric, gas, or wood-burning.

gas fireplace installations in Elizabeth, ColoradoContemporary Fireplace Design

Featuring bright flames flickering over glass rocks, stones, and various unique materials, these fireplaces embody a modern aesthetic. This fireplace design can be used with either electric or gas fuel sources, perfect for making a bold statement in various homes from 21st century to mid-century.

FlameMaster Can Help You Find the Ideal Hearth

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