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How To Start A Fire In Your New Fireplace

So you recently bought a new (to you) home that has a built-in fireplace. First, congratulations! We hope you love your new place. Have you ever wondered how to start a fire in your fireplace? With winter coming up, you’re probably going to want to do so right away. But don’t get carried away just yet. There are several things you should do before lighting a fire, as well as a proper way to start a fire in your fireplace.

First, Prepare your wood

Unlike what you may see in tv or movies, you need to use the right kind of wood to start a fire in your fireplace. This means that you should start the process three to six months in advance. Use wood from hardwood trees; softer wood will cause more smoke. Split your logs and then stack them up split-side down. This allows for proper drying. You don’t want to use wood that has anything higher than a 20% moisture rating. For your first season, you may end up needing to buy pre-seasoned wood from a local supplier.

Professional Level Two Chimney Inspection in Lake George, ColoradoMeanwhile, Schedule an inspection

Next, schedule an inspection with FlameMaster. This is a process you’ll ideally do in the late summer. During this inspection, our technicians will ensure that your fireplace is structurally sound, free of debris, and that everything functions as intended. If it is time for your annual cleaning our chimney sweeps can remove built up creosote in the same visit.

And don’t forget safety

The final “pre-fire” task you should do is to ensure you have safety steps in place. This includes smaller things such as having a nearby fire extinguisher, installing spark screens, and cleaning ash from your firebox.

Don’t forget to go over fire safety with the whole family!

Now, open your damper and prime your flue

Before you start a fire in your fireplace, open your damper. This is a metal box within your flue that controls the flow of air in and out of your chimney. When you’re burning a fire, it should be open. When there isn’t a fire active, it should be closed. Speaking of your flue, prime it by folding up some newspaper and lighting one end. Hold this up into your flue to “prime” it via warming.

Wood Burning in Masonry Fireplace in Elizabeth, ColoradoThen, add some kindling

Place some easy-to-burn kindling on the base of your grate. Wrap it in a combustible material such as dryer lint or newspaper. Ignite this bundle and then…

…Finally, add your logs!

Place your logs on top of the burning kindling. This will then cause these logs to eventually catch fire. And congratulations: you’ve now successfully started a fire in your fireplace!

Contact FlameMaster if you’re having problems starting a fire in your fireplace There are several reasons why you may be struggling with getting a fire going, ranging from a malfunctioning damper to problems with airflow.

It’s always best to err on the side of caution, and we’re more than happy to help. Whether you’re a new homeowner or are simply new to using a fireplace, we’ll gladly meet with you to ensure your fireplace is ready for usage. Ready to schedule your appointment? Then contact FlameMaster at (719)661-3277 or get in touch through our website.