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Why Should You Replace Your Chimney Cap?

Is your chimney cap an important part of your chimney system? In a word, yes! Your cap performs several important functions for your chimney system. It acts as a line of defense for your chimney (and home) by keeping things out while allowing fumes to escape.

A broken or damaged cap can cause multiple problems, including water damage, wildlife infestations, and health concerns. Here are the top four reasons why you should replace your chimney cap.

full-width chimney cap replacement, buena vista coYour chimney cap keeps birds and rodents out

During the colder winter months, various forms of wildlife will try to find warmth wherever they can. As homeowners use their fireplaces, this creates a warm and cozy place to call home. If your chimney cap is missing, there’s quite literally nothing stopping them from creating a nest or taking up residence within your flue.

In addition, their nests can become a fire hazard, potentially shooting burning embers up out of your chimney and landing on your roof.

Your chimney cap helps protect your home from water damage

Water is the bane of many homeowners’ existence across our region.

From leaky roofs to plumbing issues, water damage is not fun to deal with. A leaky chimney can not only damage your masonry, but it can also make its way into your home. Eventually, if left untreated, it can lead to black mold in and around your fireplace. Your cap acts as a level of defense against this. It helps to keep water out of the flue and redirect some of it away from your crown. During your annual FlameMaster sweep and inspection, if we notice any signs of water damage, a missing cap will be top of our list as the cause.

Debris can be dangerous

As we mentioned already, wildlife nests can lead to potential house fires. As you burn wood in your firebox, creosote will eventually build up inside of your flue. Depending on how much creosote you have, it can break off and shoot up your chimney, landing on your roof and starting a fire. Now compound this issue with leaves and other debris inside of your chimney. These contaminants can also catch fire, get caught up in the updraft, and make their way out onto your roof. In addition, debris that has created a blockage will cause dangerous gasses and fumes to back up into your home as they can’t escape up through your flue.

Chimney Cap, Salida, ColoradoChimney caps help prevent downdrafts

Taking that a step further, if your chimney is clogged with debris and you’re missing your cap, it can lead to downdrafts. These blockages can back up into your home. No one wants soot, ash, creosote, or even leaves to invade their living space. Downdrafts can cause a huge mess inside your home, but with a properly installed (and functional) cap, you won’t have to worry about this problem.

Contact FlameMaster to replace your chimney cap

A missing chimney cap may not sound like a big deal but can lead to significant problems with your home.

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