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Why Schedule Your Chimney Inspection Before Fall

When the Colorado winter sets in, it’s no time to try to arrange last-minute chimney inspections, cleanings or repairs. It’s always best to have important chimney work done before fall, to make sure your chimney is signed off with a clean bill of health for the winter.

FlameMaster Chimney Sweep serves the greater Colorado Springs, CO, area with a full menu of professional chimney services. Here are four reasons to schedule your chimney inspection before fall.

Chimney Inspection Salida Colorado 1.) Crews aren’t as busy in the warmer months 

In the spring and summer, most chimney service crews have lighter schedules, making it a lot easier for you to schedule an inspection and the possible repairs that might be needed at a time that’s convenient for you.

Once we get closer to winter, it seems like everybody starts calling and wanting inspections, cleanings and repairs. This is not an ideal time to schedule chimney work.

 2.) If repairs are needed, you’ll have some time

Often, chimneys suffer damage that can’t be seen by the homeowner but can be quickly spotted by a qualified chimney inspector. This is especially true of issues with the chimney liner, smoke chamber, interior chimney masonry and other parts of the fireplace/chimney structure.

In some cases, repairs can be made at the time of the inspection. In other cases, repairs will have to be scheduled for another time. You’ll want to give yourself enough leeway to take care of any issues before you start using your fireplace regularly.

   3.) Chimney repair work shouldn’t be done in cold weather

If chimney masonry repair work or chimney rebuilding is needed, it’s always best to have this done when the weather is milder. It takes longer for mortar to set in the cold air that we often experience in the fall.

If unexpected (or expected!) snow storms happen during the fall, it will be even more challenging to get quality repair work done. A good crew has ways to combat the weather, but any crew will tell you that it’s a lot better to do this work when the air is clear and mild.

Chimney Inspection Monument Colorado  4.) A clean chimney is a safe chimney

A proper chimney cleaning should be performed before Fall.  This involves removing creosote and debris from your chimney flue.

Creosote is responsible for most chimney fires in the Colorado Springs region each year. Debris, including leaves, twigs and small-animal nests, can cause smoke to draft sluggishly and back up into the home, carrying with it deadly carbon monoxide. (Having a good chimney cap installed will prevent debris from getting into your flue. Most chimney inspectors and chimney service crews can install them.)

5.) Keep your
  chimney safe  this winter

If it’s time to schedule a thorough chimney inspection, don’t put it off. Get the work done before the cold weather sets in, and then sit back and enjoy your fireplace with peace of mind all through the winter.

FlameMaster is ready to help with chimney inspections, chimney repairs and certified chimney sweeping. Give us a call at (719) 661-3277 or reach out through our handy contact form.