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Summer Ideas for Your Fireplace

Summer is here, and you may be staring at your fireplace, wondering how to hide it until fall, but that need not be the case. Face it; your fireplace is the focal point of your room, so instead of trying to hide it, why not accentuate it for Summer? You may also want to consider having your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned by a qualified chimney sweep service during their slow season. So, here are some summer ideas for your fireplace.

summer fireplace decor ideas in Lake George, ColoradoBeach or Nautical Themes

Embrace the summer by creating a beach or nautical-themed display. Fill glass containers with sand, shells, and beach glass. You can also add a miniature lighthouse or sailboat for a nautical feel.

Floral Displays and Candles

Summer means vibrant colors and fresh blooms. Adorn your fireplace with a lush, colorful floral arrangement. You can use vases of varying sizes and shapes to create a bright display. Be sure to change out the water regularly to keep the blooms fresh.
Even though you might not use your fireplace for a fire in the summer, you can still create a cozy, inviting glow. Place a variety of candles, from tea lights to tall pillars, in an aesthetically pleasing pattern in the firebox.

If you are worried about safety, LED candles can eliminate fire risks.

Artwork and Photos

Your mantel can become a mini gallery to showcase your favorite artwork or family photos. Be sure to change the displays to synchronize with the seasons.

Books and Collectibles

Turn your fireplace into a personal library or a display area for your collectibles during summer. It’s a perfect way to show off your tastes and interests while keeping the area attention-grabbing and engaging. Do you have a first-edition Dickens novel? Do you have an original Storm Trooper helmet? Your mantle is ideal for sharing your interests.

Indoor Plants

Greenery can bring life to any space. Using the mantel or the fireplace’s interior to display indoor plants can be an excellent idea. Just ensure your chosen plants can thrive in the light conditions near your fireplace.

Summer Maintenance

As you decorate for summer, conducting routine fireplace inspections and cleaning is essential.


Summer is the perfect time to hire a professional chimney sweeper to inspect your fireplace and ensure everything is in working order. They will check for blockages, structural damage, or signs of a previous fire you may not know.


After a long winter of use, your fireplace will probably need to be thoroughly cleaned. A professional chimney sweep service can remove soot and creosote, both of which can cause chimney fires, and will ensure your fireplace is safe for use when the cold weather returns.


If your fireplace uses gas or electric power, have a chimney sweep check its components. They can assess the system’s efficiency and if it needs any repairs.

Professional Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning in Monument, ColoradoTo Sum Up

Remember, although these décor ideas can bring summer cheer into your home, safety should be your first priority. Always ensure that your summer decorations aren’t flammable and stay clear of open flame.

Use FlameMaster to take Care of Your Fireplace in Summer

Take advantage of the slow season and have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned with little wait time. FlameMaster’s CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will examine and clean your chimney so you’ll be ready when the first frost arrives. Call us at 719-661-3277 or complete our contact form. We look forward to serving you.