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Why You Need a Chase Cover

Chimney maintenance is one of the most important ways to ensure the longevity and safety of your home’s investment. There are many parts to a chimney, though one of the more overlooked components is a chase cover. Today, let’s look at why you need a chase cover and what type of homeowner would most likely have one as a part of their chimney system.

Chimney Chase Cover Installation Elizabeth, CO

The parts of a standard chimney

Every chimney has several standard components. Of course, there is the brick and mortar that we visually think of as a chimney. Inside that structure is your flue, which extends down to your firebox, often with a mantle. At the top of your masonry is your crown, and to “cap it off” if you’ll pardon the pun, is your chimney cap.

In addition, there are other components you can’t easily see such as your throat and damper. So far, we haven’t mentioned a chase cover.

What is a chase cover?

Not every chimney has a chase cover. Traditionally, a building crew will install these when a chimney is constructed from vinyl or aluminum. Most commonly, this is in a manufactured home scenario.

Functionally, a chase cover acts as a combination of a chimney crown and a chimney cap. It’s a metal structure that covers the area where your crown traditionally sets and provides protection for your flue.

Is a chase cover important?

Whenever a homeowner asks one of our FlameMaster technicians this question, they always answer with a resounding “yes.” What’s the primary reason? A chase cover helps to make your flue watertight. A cement crown diverts water, but as with any porous material, it will eventually start to crack and weather away.

A chase cover acts as an indispensable layer of protection, preventing water damage within your flue and other parts of the chimney structure.

What if my chase cover is damaged?

The chase cover for a relatively new manufactured home should last around 20 years. However, the most immediate sign that your chase cover may be damaged is rust. Any sign of water damage points to the likelihood that your chase cover is not working properly. Subsequently, this can also point to an increased risk of water damage to the other parts of your home.

The benefits of a chase cover

As we’ve alluded to, there are several benefits of having a chase cover. The most obvious are waterproofing and water damage prevention. Some home warranties, especially for manufactured homes, are dependent on the proactive steps a homeowner takes with their annual maintenance. A damaged chase cover can lead to other issues, and potentially the voiding of any said warranties. Finally, with a relatively hot housing market, a functional chase cover can increase your home’s resale value.

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