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What’s A Zero Clearance Fireplace?

Are you wondering if you can add a fireplace to your home? One solution might be a zero-clearance fireplace system. Let’s look closer at what this system is and the benefits it has over traditional fireplace options.

Zero Clearance wood burning fireplace installation in Cripple Creek, ColoradoFirst, what is a zero-clearance fireplace?

Have you ever touched your stove door from the outside and felt the ambient heat? This is known as heat transfer. Essentially, a hot object can affect the temperature of the things around it.

With a fireplace, the temperatures are magnitudes hotter than your average stove. The traditional fireplace can reach temperatures well over 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with this heat transferring to anything that’s not within a safe clearance zone. For reference, wood begins to burn at 390 degrees.

And as a sidebar, creosote will burn at around 451 degrees, which is why it’s important to have your FlameMaster technician remove this for you annually.

Many fireplace systems require a minimum distance between them and anything combustible. However, a zero-clearance fireplace is a fully self-contained system. It has sufficient insulation through its enclosed design to negate the need for clearance between it and the rest of your home.

Second, what are its benefits?

Because of its self-contained nature, a zero-clearance fireplace has many benefits over a typical wood or gas-burning fireplace system. First and foremost, they’re extremely versatile. They can fit in a wide variety of spaces and room configurations, making them more flexible options than traditional systems.

Second, they’re often easier to use with fewer overall maintenance and repair needs. Next, they can add a certain sense of charm and aesthetic to just about any space. You’ll find zero-clearance fireplaces in a wide range of locations, which we’ll unpack next.

Where can you use a zero-clearance fireplace?

That’s the beauty of a zero-clearance fireplace system. You can install them almost anywhere, including spaces where a typical fireplace setup might not work. These include mobile homes, small bedrooms, home offices, and many more possibilities. As they use blower fans to help circulate the heat they produce, a zero-clearance fireplace is a great way to add heat to a room in your home that otherwise may be lacking adequate HVAC access.

How hard is a zero-clearance fireplace to install?

Generally speaking, a zero-clearance fireplace is easier to install than your traditional fireplace. This is a result of their self-contained status, making them easier to fit into tight spaces. The primary challenge with them is ensuring they have an adequate flue system to vent smoke and gasses out of your home. Working with a trained technician is the key to success with this element of a zero-clearance fireplace installation.

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