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In the Cripple Creek, CO or Elizabeth, CO areas, there is any number of common chimney problems that require chimney sweep services. A whole host of issues can occur with your fireplace's chimney, ranging from inconvenient to dangerous. Let's take a closer look at some of the common issues homeowners face that can plague a chimney.

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Chimney Inspections You Can Trust

To find any of the commonly occurring issues with a chimney requires a detailed inspection. We use a three-level inspection known as types one, two, and three to comb your chimney from top to bottom for any problems. We use a video camera to inspect the interior of your chimney, so you know there is not an inch we haven't inspected. Once we have inspected your chimney, and if we find any issues, the next step is to make repairs.

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Reliable Chimney Repairs

We have repaired a wide range of chimneys in the Cripple Creek, CO area, so we know how to deal with problems unique to the area when repairing a chimney. Some of the repairs we have performed include fixing a damaged chimney crown, replacing damaged flue and chimney caps and chase tops, chimney reconstruction, and more.

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Chimney Leaks Are a Common and Destructive Problem

You may have already noticed the signs of water damage to your chimney- white powder on the exterior of your chimney, broken or missing bricks, maybe even a partially collapsed chimney; these are all things that can happen when leaks in your chimney are not addressed. Leaks may seem like a small problem, but as you can read, they can quickly develop into big problems. In the Cripple Creek, CO area, temperatures can swing as much as forty or fifty degrees in less than twenty-four hours. Why is that significant? Water that seeps into your bricks & mortar expands and contracts with freezing and thawing, making them more porous, which causes them to develop capillaries like a sponge that absorb more water. We can repair these leaks, preventing further damage.

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Chimney Liner Repair

A Chimney Liner is what it sounds like, a liner that goes inside your chimney. It protects the whole length of the interior from things like fire's extreme heat; it also keeps poisonous gases from penetrating your chimney and into your house. The only way to know if a chimney liner is damaged is through inspection. If the liner is damaged, then depending on the type of chimney you have, we will use a stainless steel liner, or FireGuard refractory mortar poured in place.

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Flue Caps, Chase Tops, and Chimney Caps

Your chimney has a flue cap to seal just the flue, a chase top to cover a chase in a fabricated fireplace, or a chimney or chimney cap to cover the entire top of the chimney. Occasionally these coverings will be damaged from high winds or falling limbs; sometimes, they can even become stuck. These coverings are vital because they protect the inside of your chimney from rain, snow, wildlife, and debris. Our certified chimney specialists can repair or replace a damaged flue cap, chase top, or chimney cap to guard your chimney against damage.

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More Chimney Problems

We can handle these frequent chimney issues:

  • Masonry and Brick damage.
  • Missing Brick.
  • Collapsed chimneys.
  • Damaged chimney crowns.
  • Blockages in a chimney.

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We Sell and Install - Fireplaces, Stoves, and Inserts

Looking for a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or an insert to go in an existing fireplace? Then visit our Woodland Park showroom; our heating specialist can help you to find what kind of heating unit will benefit your home the most.

FlameMaster's Knows How to Fix Chimney Problems.

FlameMaster is the leader in repairing all types of chimney problems. We can inspect your chimney, and if any issues exist, we will perform repairs by a CSIA certified chimney sweeps you can trust. If you're in the greater Cripple Creek, CO area and need help with your chimney, call us at (719) 661-3277 or fill out our contact form.