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Monument, CO Chimney & Fireplace Services

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If you live in Monument, CO; Buena Vista, CO; or any of the surrounding areas, then you know how vital it is to have a fireplace to get you through the winter months, but if your chimney develops leaks, it may not be ready to use when you need it. That's where our certified chimney sweeps come in. We can inspect your chimney for leaks and more and make any needed repairs.

level 2 chimney inspection, monument co

Complete Chimney Inspections

Our certified chimney sweeps can perform a multi-level inspection of your fireplace as part of cleaning to find leaks or any other issues with your chimney. If we find leaks, we will repair them regardless of if it's cracked bricks, a cracked chimney crown, or worn-away mortar. Think of inspections as preventative maintenance on your chimney in much the same way a physical is a preventative maintenance for your body's health.

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Flue Caps, Chase Tops, and Chimney Caps

In the winter, snowstorms can produce high winds that can tear loose a flue cap, chase top, or chimney cap, and summer storms are just as likely to generate the same effect and results. Flue caps, chase tops, and chimney caps are crucial to guarding your fireplace against rain, hail, snow, wildlife, and debris by closing a chimney's aperture when not in use. Our certified chimney sweeps can repair or replace a damaged flue cap, chase top, or chimney cap and keep your chimney safe.

chimney crown damage, monument co

Reliable Chimney Repair

If during our inspection of your chimney we find any issues such as leaks, our certified crews will embark on the required repairs to mend your chimney. Problems that lead to leaks like cracked and broken bricks, cracks in the chimney crown, and shifting ground happen more in the Monument, CO area. Our chimney sweeps have the requisite training and experience to make the right kind of repairs that will rectify leaks or any other issues with your chimney.

chimney liner repair, monument co

Chimney Liner Replacement

With three or four decades old chimneys, their liner may likely be breaking down. That can be a risk to your family because chimney liners protect your home from heat and toxic fumes. FlameMaster will inspect your chimney's liner to determine its condition. If we find issues with your existing chimney liner that shows it's worn out, we will replace it using either a stainless-steel liner or a chimney liner FireGuard refractory mortar poured in place solution to repair your chimney.

chimney leak damage, monument co

Chimney Leaks Are Devistating to your Chimney and Fireplace

If your chimney has cracked or broken bricks, cracks in its crown, or worn away mortar, it will develop leaks. Why are leaks such a problem? Leaks are especially detrimental to a chimney because water can freeze inside the brick during the freeze-thaw cycle generating more cracks that allow additional water into your chimney. How else can leaks damage your chimney? The damp conditions inside your chimney are perfect for mold and mildew to bloom inside your chimney and for their toxic spores to enter your home. Leaks can also lead to water in your firebox. How do you prevent leaks from happening? It all starts with chimney inspections.

white stains on chimney, Monument, CO

Additional Chimney Issues

We can also handle all of the following frequent chimney issues:

  • Cracked, broken, or missing bricks.
  • Worn away mortar joints.
  • Blockages in a chimney.
  • Missing caps.
  • Rust and white stains.

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Sales and Installations of Fireplaces, Stoves, and Inserts

Not sure how to ensure your home is warm in the darkest, most chilling parts of winter? Our heating unit specialist can help you decide if you need a fireplace, stove, or insert. Just visit our Woodland Park showroom; they can assist you in determining what kind of heating unit works best for your situation.

FlameMaster's Chimney Sweep Services Can Fix Chimney Leaks and More

FlameMaster is the best choice for repairing leaks in your chimney or any other problems you may experience. We perform chimney cleaning, inspection and repairs as well as fireplace sales and installation in the greater Monument, CO area; call (719) 661-3277 or complete our contact form.