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Annual Chimney Inspections in Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs chimney inspection

If it has been more than 12 months since your last chimney inspection, it’s time to call (719) 715-0075 to schedule your Chimney Inspection, Fireplace, and Stove Service and Repairs. Or take the quick, scenic 20-minute drive up the hill to Visit Our Woodland Park Showroom. While you’re here, you can also select a new stove or fireplace for your home. Our showroom is located approximately 15 miles north of Colorado Springs, up U.S. 24 W, at 11164 W Hwy 24, Woodland Park, CO 80863.

Certified Chimney Inspections in Colorado Springs COProfessional Chimney Inspections in Colorado Springs

Now that snow is blowing across the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region, El Paso County, CO, emergency officials are reminding homeowners to inspect their chimney, flue, and fireplace as part of their annual winter preparations.

A FlameMaster® F.I.R.E. certified chimney inspection ensures your chimney, vents, and attached heating appliances are free of flammable creosote and are structurally sound, so they are not a fire or safety hazard.

Three Chimney Inspection Types

The Colorado Springs Fire Department responds to several chimney fires every winter that cause millions of dollars in property damage. However, the fact is that most chimney fires are preventable with annual chimney inspections. During an inspection, our certified chimney sweep carefully examines the entire chimney system for flammable creosote accumulation, flue obstructions, liner cracks, masonry damage, and structural issues. Your inspection report will give you an overall assessment of the chimney, recommended repairs, and whether cleaning is necessary. There are three types of inspections, from levels 1 to 3:

Level I Chimney Inspection:

Level 1 is a basic visual overview of the accessible portions of the chimney system. Since it doesn’t have the depth necessary to determine whether structural or other issues exist, FlameMaster conducts a certified level 2 inspection as standard practice with every service call in the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region.

Level II Chimney Inspection:

At FlameMaster, the safety of your home and family is a top priority. That’s why we include a certified level 2 inspection with every chimney cleaning.

Unlike a basic level 1 inspection that only consists of a visual overview, a level 2 inspection is a more detailed physical examination. Using a specialized chimney video scan system, a certified inspector performs a top-to-bottom scan in real-time that can detect minor anomalies in the masonry walls, flue liner, and other areas of the chimney and flue before they develop into more severe problems.

This high-resolution scanning system provides minute details often missed during a standard visual inspection. A level two inspection is also required when selling or transferring real property or making any changes or installations to the chimney, flue, or heating appliance.

Level III Chimney Inspection:

When a level 1 or 2 inspection reveals severe damage to the chimney, a level 3 inspection may be necessary to locate the source, such as a water leak, masonry damage, etc. This is the most advanced type of inspection that may require the removal of components such as the chimney crown or a portion of a masonry wall to gain entry into an otherwise inaccessible part of the structure.

Chimney and Fireplace Inspections in Colorado Springs, COFlameMaster® Is Your F.I.R.E. Certified Chimney Inspector Serving Colorado Springs

FlameMaster is the premier chimney cleaning, and repair company serving the Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak, and El Paso County, CO, area. Please call us at (719) 661-3277 to book your appointment or fill out our contact form to consult with an experienced chimney technician.

We’re certified by the Chimney Sweep Institute of America (C.S.I.A.), the National Chimney Sweep Guild (N.C.S.G.), and The International Association of Fireplace & Chimney Inspectors (F.I.R.E.).