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Chimney Repair Service in Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs Expert Chimney Repair ServicesIf your fireplace or heating stove is not performing as it should or you suspect your chimney may have damage, it’s time to call (719) 715-0075 to schedule your Chimney Inspection, Fireplace, and Stove Service and Repairs. You can also make the 20-minute drive up the hill to our Woodland Park Showroom if you prefer. While you’re here, our knowledgeable professionals can also help you pick out a new fireplace or stove for your home. Our showroom is a short 15-mile drive north of the Springs, up the hill, at 11164 US Hwy 24, Woodland Park, CO 80863.

Colorado Springs Chimney Repair Services

FlameMaster® provides a full range of chimney repair services by CSIA-certified chimney and masonry professionals that will fix any issue, ensuring your chimney is structurally safe and sound for your fireplace, heating stove, or other appliances.

colorado springs chimney repairChimney Crown Repair & Replacement

The crown is the concrete slab that covers the chimney’s opening at the top. The chimney crown may be built with metal, stone, or concrete, but its primary purpose is to deflect rain and snow away from the chimney. FlameMaster’s CSIA-certified chimney professionals have extensive experience in chimney crown repair and replacement.

When we can catch minor hairline cracks in the crown early through an annual inspection, we can typically repair it with a specially formulated waterproof sealant. Otherwise, we may need to replace a part or all of the crown to save the chimney.

Chimney Liner

The chimney liner is vital to preventing fire and exposure to toxic carbon monoxide fumes when using wood or gas-fueled heating appliances like a fireplace or stove. So, FlameMaster’s certified chimney repair technicians should inspect your chimney liner every year, ensuring it complies with Colorado Springs and El Paso County, CO, building and fire safety codes. When we discover cracks or other liner damage, we may recommend applying a cerfractory coating for minor liner repair or a stainless-steel liner replacement when damage is beyond repair.

Chimney Rebuilding

Is your chimney leaning? Do you see many missing bricks or significant gaps in the joints? The winter weather here in the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region can tremendously affect masonry chimneys. The continuous freezing, thawing, snow accumulation, and ice can gradually destroy the porous bricks and mortar, causing it to crack, crumble, or spall. While our goal is always to try and save your chimney, partial or complete rebuilding is sometimes the most viable and cost-effective option.

Brick Repair & Loose Bricks

While your chimney may appear in good shape from a distance, you may notice some loose or missing bricks as you get a closer look. This typically occurs when the softer mortar material decays from rain, snow, and ice, creating gaps between the bricks. Water can also leak through these gaps, causing damage to the bricks and internal components. Our skilled chimney masons have the experience and tools to quickly replace any loose, cracked, or missing bricks, extending the lifespan of your chimney and avoiding complete or partial rebuilding.

Chimney Waterproofing

Waterproofing your chimney can prevent damage from rain, snow, and the freeze-thaw cycle, minimizing future chimney repair. However, not all waterproofing sealants will protect the masonry. That’s why FlameMaster uses ChimneySaver® for chimney waterproofing. Its environmentally safe water-based vapor permeable membrane allows the bricks to breathe, releasing trapped moisture. The waterproof coating provides years of protection from moisture intrusion. It’s the best waterproofing solution for masonry chimneys in communities throughout the Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs area.

Chimney Repointing in Colorado Springs, COChimney Repointing & Tuckpointing

The mortar is the compound that holds the bricks in place. Unfortunately, its constant exposure to Mother Nature eventually causes it to crumble and decay, leaving holes in the joints. Tuckpointing is a restorative process that replaces the missing or decaying mortar with a new, durable compound to prevent water damage to the masonry.

We also can repoint the chimney. When repointing, our masonry expert adds drops of color to the mortar to match the entire chimney, giving it a beautiful seamless appearance as if the damage never happened.


Quality Chimney Repairs in Colorado Springs

FlameMaster is your local premier chimney cleaning, and chimney repair company serving the Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak, and El Paso County, CO, region. Please call us at (719) 715-0075 to schedule your appointment, or fill out our contact form to consult with an experienced chimney technician. We’re proudly certified by the Chimney Sweep Institute of America (C.S.I.A.), the National Chimney Sweep Guild (N.C.S.G.), and The International Association of Fireplace & Chimney Inspectors (F.I.R.E.).