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Chimney Cap & Chase Covers In Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs Chimney Cap and Chase Cover Installation

If the chimney cap, flue cap, or chase top that covers your flue opening is damaged or missing, it’s time to call (719) 715-0075 to schedule a Chimney Inspection, Fireplace, and Stove Service and Repairs. Or take the quick, scenic 20-minute drive up the hill to Visit Our Woodland Park CO Showroom. While you’re here, you can order any supplies or accessories for your home heating needs. Our showroom is conveniently located just 15 miles north of the Springs, up the hill on the scenic US 24 W, at 11164 W Hwy 24 in Woodland Park.

Chimney Cap replacement in Colorado Springs, CODo You Need a Chimney Cap, Flue Cap, or Chase Top in Colorado Springs?

Do you know what type of cover you need for your El Paso County, CO, Chimney? Well, if you’re a bit confused, you’re not alone. The anatomy of a chimney is quite complex.

Whether you have a masonry or manufactured chimney, it will need a chimney cap, flue cap, or chase top to cover the exposed flue pipe from moisture, wildlife, and debris intrusion.

So now let’s look and see which cover will be the best fit for your chimney:


Flue Cap

Flue caps are often mistaken for chimney caps. However, a flue cap is like a rain hat that covers the flue opening. They are available in several designs, such as funnel, flat, or pyramid. They are designed to keep rain and snow from leaking into the flue and fireplace. They often have a wire mesh screen to prevent curious critters and blowing leaves from clogging the vent while expelling smoke and fumes from your home when using the fireplace. However, there is one caveat with a standard flue cap. It doesn’t protect the chimney crown from water damage.

Chase Cover

A chase cover protects the entire top of a manufactured chimney, preventing rain, snow, pests, and debris from getting inside. However, many manufactured chimneys have a lower-quality galvanized steel cover which is more susceptible to rusting at the seams. FlameMaster installs high-quality stainless-steel chase covers for long-lasting durability, water resistance, and performance.

Custom Full Width Chimney Cap Installation in Colorado Springs, COFull-Width Chimney Cap

A full-width chimney cap provides similar protection to a flue cap but has one extra benefit: It also covers the crown, protecting the porous concrete surface from water damage. So, it’s like having two chimney covers in a single device. A full-width chimney cap can also help minimize repairs, prolonging the crown’s lifespan and avoiding rebuilding a broken crown.

Where to Buy a Chimney Cap, Flue Cap, and Chase Top in Colorado Springs

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