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Chimney Liner Repair in Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs Chimney Liner ReplacementDid you know that a damaged liner is one of the most common chimney problems in the Colorado Springs area? So, if you see bits of clay in the firebox, a smokey fireplace, or haven’t had a recent professional chimney cleaning, it’s time to call (719) 715-0075 to schedule a Chimney Inspection, Fireplace, and Stove Service and Chimney Repairs. Or take the short 20-minute drive up the hill to Visit Our Woodland Park CO Showroom. While you’re here, you can order any supplies or accessories for your fireplace or stove. Our showroom is conveniently located only 15 miles up the hill, just north of the Springs, on scenic US 24 W, at 11164 W. Hwy 24 in Woodland Park.

Chimney Liner Replacement in Colorado Springs, COWhat is a Chimney Liner, and When Does it Need Replacement?

Whether your El Paso County, CO, the home has a gas or wood-burning fireplace or heating stove, internal temperatures can soar to over 1100°F! Without a robust and durable chimney liner, the intense heat and flames can seep through cracks in the masonry and spread to nearby combustible building materials, including the wood-framed chase, attic, and roof deck.

As a result, most building and fire safety codes require chimney liners. A liner does more than contain the heat inside the flue. It also increases heating efficiency, providing a safe path for harmful contaminants to exit your home through the flue vent. Clay or terra cotta flue liners are the most common in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.

Unfortunately, many older homes still have the original liner that has surpassed its lifespan. Its age, excessive wear and tear, moisture, corrosive combustion gases, and even a small chimney fire from excessive creosote cause the tiles to crack, blister, and crumble. Broken or missing tiles increase health and safety risks.

In some cases, FlameMaster’s chimney professionals can repair minor chimney liner damage with our FireGuard coating system. This E-84 intumescent flame-resistant coating is a water-based, non-toxic solution and is among the most cost-effective solution for restoring chimney liners with minor damage. However, replacement is the best option when the liner has severe damage. We typically recommend installing a UL-Listed stainless liner. It resists water, pests, and rust for long-lasting protection. Plus, it also increases heating efficiency, reducing energy costs.

Chimney Inspections in Colorado Springs, COAnnual Chimney Inspections

Do you know when the chimney liner was initially installed in your flue? If it has been a year or more since your last chimney inspection, it could have cracks, missing tiles, or other severe issues that increase the risk of fire and exposure to toxic carbon monoxide fumes. Some homeowners need to realize their chimney has a liner.

That’s why it’s critical to give us a call to schedule a chimney inspection. We use a special video scan system that will detect any abnormalities.

So, if there is an issue with the liner, we can make the necessary chimney repairs or install a new liner that will protect your home and family while you’re enjoying a warm fire.

Chimney Liner Replacement in Colorado Springs

FlameMaster is the Colorado Springs, El Paso County, CO, and Pikes Peak region’s premier chimney inspection, cleaning, and repair company. Please call us at (719) 715-0075 to schedule an appointment or fill out our contact form to consult with a certified chimney professional. We’re proudly certified by the Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA), the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), and The International Association of Fireplace & Chimney Inspectors (F.I.R.E).