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Stove & Fireplace Installation in Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs Fireplace and Stove Sales and InstallationWhether you want to replace an outdated stove or fireplace or add a more energy-efficient gas or wood-burning heating appliance, we invite you to take the pleasant 20-minute drive up the hill on US 24 to visit our Woodland Park CO Showroom. While you’re here, we’ll help you select the best stove or fireplace for your living space, even if your home doesn’t have a chimney. You can also call us at (719) 715-0075 to schedule a Chimney Inspection, Fireplace, and Stove Service and Repairs.

Fireplace Insert Installation in Colorado Springs, COSales & Installation of Stoves & Fireplaces in Colorado Springs

Nothing is more inviting than the warmth of the spectacular flames of a beautiful wood-burning or gas-heating stove or fireplace on a wintry day in the Pikes Peak region. However, there are new home communities in the Colorado Springs area without a fireplace.

So, if you are missing the warm and cozy feeling that only a fireplace or stove can offer, want to remodel an old or outdated fireplace, or want to install a wood stove for zone heating, FlameMaster is your local expert. Also, if your home has a gas fireplace, we can convert it to an energy-efficient wood-burning fireplace. We also specialize in installing indoor and outdoor fireplaces and stoves in spaces without an existing heating appliance.


From the moment you step into our showroom, you will be inspired by the top-quality gas and wood-burning fireplaces by America’s leading manufacturers on display. You will have an opportunity to relax and enjoy the space to imagine being in your home environment. Our certified fireplace experts are also available for a fireside chat to answer any questions. In addition, we’ll be happy to schedule a visit to your Colorado Springs home to take any measurements, select a traditional masonry or manufactured fireplace and design, and help you choose the perfect space in your home for installation.


Fireplace inserts are the most efficient and affordable way to upgrade an older masonry fireplace into a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heating appliance. So, what exactly is a fireplace insert? It’s a closed-combustion heating appliance within a steel or iron fireproof firebox. In other words, it’s a fireplace-in-a-box. What makes inserts so great is that they fit directly inside the opening of your existing fireplace. Best of all, it requires no chimney modifications, so installation is quick and easy. They are available in gas and wood-burning fuel options and designs that match your style and budget. Here is another tip: Inserts are the quickest and most cost-effect method for converting an existing gas fireplace into a wood-burning fireplace and vice versa.

Stove Sales and Installation in Colorado Springs, COWood Stoves

Many homes in El Paso County, CO, have a gas or wood-burning fireplace in the living room, but it doesn’t have the power to radiate the heat upstairs.

So, you must rely on a gas or electric furnace to heat your bedrooms. The answer: Install a gas stove for zone heating. It’s a powerful, convenient, and energy-efficient way to heat living spaces when and where you need it.

Some of our customers install a larger stove in the downstairs living room and a smaller unit upstairs. They have modern features like a built-in thermostat for continuous heating at the desired comfort level.


Where to Buy Stoves and Fireplaces in Colorado Springs

FlameMaster® provides sales and installations of top-quality heating stoves and fireplaces in the Colorado Springs, El Paso County, CO, and Pikes Peak region. We also other services, including chimney liner installations, inspections, cleanings, and repairs. Please call us at (719) 715-0075 or fill out our contact form to schedule a visit and consultation with a certified chimney professional. FlameMaster is certified by the Chimney Sweep Institute of America (C.S.I.A.), the National Chimney Sweep Guild (N.C.S.G.), and The International Association of Fireplace & Chimney Inspectors (F.I.R.E.).